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Subase Pearl Harbor
Aero View of the Submarine Base in Pearl Harbor Hawaii.
Note the eight boats along the piers.




















Aboard the USS Los Angeles (SSN-688)
Detachment 716 cruise photo taken aboard the USS Los Angeles SSN-688 a 362' nuclear powered fast attack submarine.

















Barracks 654 Paquet Hall.
Building 654 was constructed in 1927 as a Bachelor Enlisted Quarters (BEQ) to house 1,200 men at a cost of $8,568,806.       
















Subase Det 716
Detachment 716 cruise photo taken at the 100 foot Dive Tower constructed in 1932 at Subase Pearl Harbor.




















Subase Det 716
Subase Pearl Det 716 cruise photo taken at the USS Parche SS-384 Memorial at the Submarine Base Pearl Harbor Museum.




















Pearl Harbor 
Areal shot of Pearl Harbor.  Photo taken in 1986.
The delta shaped land mass in the top center with the two piers jutting out is the Submarine Base.













Pearl Harbor
Subase is the almost delta shaped land mass in the foreground with the Naval Station Pearl Harbor to the left.
Ford Island is in the background.  The white structure in the water to the right side of Ford Island is the battleship USS Arizona Memorial.













Arizona Memorial The USS Arizona BB-39 rests on the floor of Pearl Harbor at Ford Island after being bombed on December 7, 1941 which brought the US into WW-II. The memorial, dedicated in 1962 was constructed over the battleship Arizona and is visited by more than a million tourists each year.











USS Parche (SS-384)
The sail is all that remains of the USS Parche SS-384 a WW II Balao class diesel-electric submarine.  The sail, now a memorial at the Pearl Harbor Submarine Base museum
























Pearel Harbor
A view of Pearl Harbor with Subase in the foreground clearly showing the barracks 654 known to all WestPac submarine sailors.














USS Parche Memorial
A view of the Parche Memorial with Lockwood Hall, the oficers quarters in the background. 















Pay tribute to Chief James Nordstrom

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Master Chief plays the Uke

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Subase Facebook Page Reaches 1,100 Members 

The Subase Facebook page has grown to more than 1,100 new members.  It continues to grow daily with new members signing on. Celebrates 9th Anniversary

25 January 2017 marks the 9th anniversary of the website for NR Subase Pearl Harbor Det. 716.

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Subase Celebrates 35th Anniversary 

The 30th of May 2012 marked the 35th anniversary of Subase Pearl Harbor Det 716.

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Subase Website Popularity Grows to Over 5,000 Visits Per Month! 

On the 28th of September 2013 the popurlarity of the Subase Website grew in excess of 5,100 visitors per month.

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Subase Supports Fellow Veteran

Subase shipmates dig deep to help support a fellow veteran who was victim of a tragic hit-and-run accident. 

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Dedication of the Subase Website

When this website was created it was intended to be simply a place where memories could be shared, a place where former Subase Pearl Detachment 716 shipmates could view photos of those they shared a good portion of their lives with and read stories of events long past. It has become that and more.

After several months of building and editing this website and reading stories from shipmates about our men and women in uniform still serving their country and stories of men and women in uniform who have given their lives in the name of freedom, the realization that the website should have a greater purpose was apparent. Therefore the decision was made to dedicate this site to our men and women in uniform still serving and to those who have made the ultimate sacrifice.

To our shipmates still serving, we the former members of Subase Pearl Detachment 716 salute you. We thank you for your sacrifice and service.

God Bless America.


WW II, Korean War and Viet Nam War Vets

Recently this site shifted gears and began focusing its attention and resources toward honoring those brave men and women who served and fought during WW II.

A page already created, and part of the site, called “The Last of Our WW II Vets” was used to write and publish the stories of those who served during the 4 ½ years of the war in the European and Pacific theaters.

After having successfully written a few stories for this page the decision was made to make an attempt to include those who served in Korea and Viet Nam as well.  Since the Korean War Vets are only a few years younger than our WW II Vets and the Viet Nam Vets, with so many that have serious medical problems due to the war are rapidly dying off.

If you are a Veteran of any of these wars and are willing to share your story or know of a Veteran who might be willing to be added to his/her page of honor please contact me at

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This website is dedicated to the men and women who have served and those still serving their country in the uniforms of our United States Armed Forces.


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