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Christopher Carlson, a Minnesota native, graduated from the University of Minnesota in 1982 with a Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering, and received his commission through the Naval Reserve Officer Training Corps program. After graduation, he completed the nuclear power and basic submarine officer training curriculum and reported aboard USS Lafayette (SSBN 616 Blue). He then spent three years at the Defense Intelligence Agency as an undersea warfare analyst before resigning his active commission in 1990. He affiliated with the Naval Reserve Intelligence Program where he served in a number of units and staff positions, including two assignments as a unit commanding officer and as a regional intelligence area chief staff officer. He retired from the reserves in early 2008 with the rank of Captain.  

Carlson was employed by the Defense Intelligence Agency as a senior naval systems and warfare analyst providing technical intelligence products and presentations to national decision makers and the acquisition community. He retired from the Department of Defense in 2010 after serving as the Senior Intelligence Officer and acting Division Chief of the Acquisition Support Division of the Defense Warning Office. 

Being an avid wargamer from an early age, Carlson is one of the co-designers of the Admiralty Trilogy tactical naval wargame series: Harpoon, Command at Sea, and Fear God & Dread Nought. All three have won numerous industry awards, and have expanded to include over a dozen supplements and stand alone games. He has also authored many articles in the Naval SITREP on modeling and technical naval issues. 

Carlson has also co-authored a short story, Burial at Sea, in the Tombs anthology, and four full length novels, Dangerous Ground, Cold Choices, Exit Plan, and Shattered Trident, with Larry Bond. Cold Choices was a New York Times bestseller, and Exit Plan was selected as one of Publisher's Weekly's best thriller books for 2012.

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