Subase Pearl Harbor Det 716 

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Subase...The Beginning

Subase Pearl Detachment 716 was formed in 1977. CAPT Alan A. Anderson, at that time CDR, handpicked the candidates with the help of Chief Fosse, later to become Senior Chief than Master Chief for the new Naval Reserve Unit. Only those that measured up to the standards that CAPT Anderson had set, became members of this proud unit. The C.O. set out to make NR Subase the best unit at the reserve center in St. Paul. His efforts were rewarded as Subase Pearl became a role model reserve unit. The Commanding Officers that succeeded him carried on the tradition of keeping Subase a first class Naval Reserve Unit.

The unit, now formed, had its first drill weekend at the Naval Reserve Center in the Twin Cities on 30 April and 01 May of 1977.

The first ACDUTRA in Pearl Harbor was in March of 1978.

The C.O expected the Shipmates in the unit to attend all drills and be on time. He stated, "If you can't handle this, you don't belong in Subase".





































































































































































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