Subase Pearl Harbor Det 716 

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The sixty-four U.S. Submarines listed here were sunk in combat or due to mechanical failure or human error.  In many cases the entire crew was lost to the sea.
To the men who so gallantly served and gave their lives for their country aboard these boats we offer our sincere thanks and gratitude.  Stand relieved, we now have the watch.

 Note:  Click on each boat name to be directed to Wikipedia to read about the boat.


USS Albacore (SS-218)
USS Amberjack (SS-219)
USS Argonaut (SS-166)
USS Barbel (SS-316)
USS Bonefish (SS-223)
USS Bullhead (SS-332)
USS Capelin (SS-289)
USS Cisco (SS-290)
USS Cochino (SS-345)
USS Corvina (SS-226)
USS Darter (SS-227)
USS Dorado (SS-248)
USS Escolar (SS-294)
USS F-1 (SS-20)
USS F-4 (SS-21)
USS Flier (SS-250)
USS Golet (SS-361)
USS Grampus (SS-207)
USS Grayback (SS-208)
USS Grayling (SS-209)
USS Grenadier (SS-210)
USS Growler (SS-215)
USS Grunion (SS-216)
USS Gudgeon (SS-211)
USS H-1 (SS-28)
USS Harder (SS-257)
USS Herring (SS-233)
USS Kete (SS-369)
USS Lagarto (SS-371)
USS O-5 (SS-66)
USS O-9 (SS-70)
USS Perch (SS-176)
USS Pickerel (SS-177)
USS Pompano (SS-181)
USS R-12 (SS-89)
USS Robalo (SS-273)
USS Runner (SS-275)
USS S-26 (SS-131)
USS S-27 (SS-132)
USS S-28 (SS-133)
USS S-36 (SS-141)
USS S-39 (SS-144)
USS S-4 (SS-109)
USS S-44 (SS-155)
USS S-5 (SS-110)
USS S-51 (SS-162)
USS Scamp (SS-277)
USS Scorpion (SS-278)
USS Scorpion (SSN-589)
USS Sculpin (SS-191)
USS Sealion (SS-195)
USS Seawolf (SS-197)
USS Shark (SS-174)
USS Shark (SS-314)
USS Snook (SS-279)
USS Squalus (SS-192)
USS Stickleback (SS-415)
USS Swordfish (SS-193)
USS Tang (SS-306)
USS Thresher (SSN-593)
USS Trigger (SS-237)
USS Triton (SS-201)
USS Trout (SS-202)
USS Tullibee (SS-284)
USS Wahoo (SS-238)
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