Subase Pearl Harbor Det 716 

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DAV Donor Connection Program 

United States Navy Band

NERA MN Chapter Minutes February 2012 

Women Can Suffer Same Deployment Ills as Men

UVLC Minutes 01 Feb 2012

NERA MN Chapter Meeting March 2012

Mission Continues Fellowship Program

Agent Orange Vets Town Hall Meeting

Standing up for our Veterans

My Experience as Military Child Poetry Contest

Veteran's Request List

UVLC April 2012Minutes

Annual Joint Retiree Appreciation Day

NERA MN Chaptor Minutes April 2012

Navy Commission Opportunity for Enlisted

NERA 55th Annual National Conference

2012 NERA/USAA Scholarship

UVLC Minutes for May 2012

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Addition to NERA Newsletter

Viet Nam Vets Golf Tournament

Viet Nam Vets Golf Tournament (flyer)

Viet Nam Vets Golf Tournament Registration Form



MN Yellow Ribbon Cities/Counties

Senator Webb's Legislation 11 July 2012

Blueprint for Modernizing Military Pay Delivered

Biz_Vets Status

House Committee Approves Walz

Applications Period Announced for the 2012 Physically Disabled Veterans

Deer Hunt and 2013 Physically Disabled Veterans Turkey Hunt

NERA E-Mail blast July

Spring 2012 Mariner
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Summer 2012 Mariner
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Veteran's Funeral Protection

Tricare Prime Enrollment Fees
Must Read-Very Important

Retiree Appreciation Day's

UVLC Agenda 05 Sept. 2012

Veteran's Request List (Doner list) 20 Sept. 2012

Programs to help Minnesota Soldiers 1 September 2012

Viet Nam Veterans

2nd Annual Military Women's Weekend Experience

Minnutes of the Meeting of the NERA Minnesota Chapter 08 September 2012

Celebrating Our Freedom

2013 Vet COLA Bill Taken Off Secret Hold

Navy Announces Service Dress Khaki Cancellation

NERA Minnesota Chapter October 2012 Meeting Notes

Updated Military Fact Sheet for Parents

Recruiting Kids Military Flyer

Military Fact Sheet for Bigs

Big Brothers and Sisters

PCU Minnesota (SSN-783) Christened

Veterans Day Perks

Enterprise Ends 51 Year Career at Sea

Congress to Decide on 2013 Tricare Rx Fee Hikes

NERA Minnesota Chapter November 2012 Minutes Notes

Minnesota DOT Employment Opportunity

United Veterans Legislative Council of Minnesota August 2013

United Veterans Legislative Council of Minnesota September 2013

NERA Minnesota Chapter September 2013 Minutes Notes

UVLC Website Meeting Agenda-Wednesday 6 November, 2013 

United Veterans Legislative Council of Minnesota December 2013

Social Security Number At Risk On VA ID Card

Naval Enlisted Reserve Association 10 January 2014

United Veterans Legislative Council of Minnesota January 2014

Allies Winter 14 Layout

NERA Minnesota Chapter 01 March, 2014 Meeting Minutes

United Veterans Legislative Ccuncil of Minnesota February 2014

NERA MN Chapter Minutes March 2014

Mariner Spring 2014

United Veterans Legislative Ccuncil of Minnesota April 2014

Women Veteren's Day Out

Drop-In Legai Clinic for Veterans


NERA MN Chapter Meeting Minutes for June 7th, 2014

Disaster Relief Grants Available for Minnesota Veterans and Families

United Veterans Legislative Council of Minnesota July 2014

Mariner Summer 2014
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Saint Cloud VA Offers Flu Vaccinations to Eligible Veterans 

NERA Minnesota Chapter 06 September 2014

NERA Minnesota Chapter meeting 04 October 2014

NERA MN Chapter Minutes January 2015

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