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The retired pay for a member who elects transfer to the Retired Reserve is computed using the average monthly basic pay rate to which the member would have been entitled at the highest grade satisfactorily held, had the member been on active duty during the entire period of the member's high 36 months. In most cases, this would be the average basic pay rate in effect for the member at ages 57, 58, and 59. The formula to compute the retired pay is as follows:

1. Divide all points credited in all years by 360 to convert the points into years of service, including fractions;

2. Take the average of the last 36 months of monthly basic pay for the member's grade and length of service at the time the member becomes entitled to receive retired  
pay - age 60 (remember to include longevity increases while a member of the Retired Reserve);

3. Multiply that rate by 2.5 percent of the years of service (up to a maximum of 30 years of service) computed in (1) above.

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