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When I awoke this morning with a bad stomach ache I was reminded of my childhood scheming to get out of going to school.

Various reasons were given for not going to school today, some successful and some not.  Those that were successful were often tried another day.

Now let me tell you that most were not successful as mom was at one time a little girl herself and had tried these schemes on her parents a long time ago.

The stomach ache, or belly ache as I called this affliction was only tried once and the outcome was deeply buried in my mind the remainder of my life.

Mom, being wise had a remedy for this affliction which had positive results whether the illness was fact or made up.  Her cure was a tablespoon of Caster Oil.  Her reasoning being, if the illness was fact the Caster Oil would help to cure it and if the illness was made up it would eliminate the attempt of getting out of going to school because of a belly ache scheme.

Now if you have never had to take Caster Oil you truly haven’t a clue as to what I am talking about.  But if you have experienced this I can see the look on you face as you are thinking of swallowing as spoon full of this disgusting medicine.

Now I can assure you after having tried this excuse once it was never to be repeated.  In fact I lived with several real stomach aches the remainder of my childhood and never complained once; at least not that mom might hear me.

Where was Mary Poppins back then?  I could have used a Spoon full of sugar.

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