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You might not realize, but you may be eligible for travel at the government’s expense. The travel program is called Space-A, and you may qualify to utilize this benefit. The criteria for eligibility of this benefit are spelled out on several websites. I have added a link to the best site I've found. To check the information out on other websites simply type "Space A" into your search engine of your browser. Charles Fitzsimmons and Don Ulbright have both used this method of travel several times. The only cost to you, $7.85 for a box meal. Not a bad deal! There are some obvious drawbacks such as: 1) Few if any flights leave the Twin Cities area, 2) You might not get on the flight, or may be bumped and 3) Your family most likely will not be eligible to use this avenue of transportation. Charley flies in and out of Grand Forks, N. D. Check out the site and see if you are eligible. The site that I have the link for also has a listing of all the facilities in the world that you can fly in and out of.

Another website that Charles Fitzsimmons uses for his Space-A travel is:

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