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Tips for First-Time Kerala Visitors

Posted by: monikaagar12 on 11/14/2017 03:57 AM

Kerala is the smallest state of India still known as “God’s own country” and has many tourists destination to hold the attention of global tourists. The state has many tourists destination that are worth to visit for once. A Kerala holiday packages will fill you with memories. The city has hill stations, backwaters, hamlets, commercial cities and much more to explore. Therefore, everyone must visit this extremely beautiful place once in a lifetime. This is the perfect place for the nature’s lover to visit and also the photographers who love to capture beautiful sights and sceneries.And ,this place is also better for honeymoon vacation in kerala . So, if you are planning to visit this beautiful place then here are some tips that are helpful for the first-time Kerala visitors .

When to Go
Kerala’s climate varies from season to season like the other states. The climate can be categorized into three seasons that is February to May when the climate is very hot and humid, June to October – monsoon season and October to Feb is the winter season which is the peak time of visiting Kerala backwater tours.

It is the high-season when most people visit in Kerala. This is the time when whether at its coolest and prices of all accommodation are at its higher. Visiting on this time may make your trip expensive but you will not suffer the hot sunny rays and humid. Though it will warm in the day but the evenings can get chilly.

This two months get low tourists activity in the coastline because of the high-temperature but the higher reasons are still packed with tourists as schools close after exam.

This season is very hot until rain arrive from June to September. The greener eastern parts are at its best in this season you can expect huge discounts in holidays in kerala .

Monsoon – The Best time to Visit
According to your comfort and time you should plan your trip to Kerala. But it is advisable you all to visit houseboat in Kerala in rainy season as Kerala is the only state where monsoon hit twice. On that time the place looks even more beautiful and pleasing to eyes. The green ambience of Kerala and constant downpours makes it a romantic spot for many couples out there. The beauty and greenery of the ‘God’s own country’ is not only the reason to visit Kerala but also you get huge discounts on Kerala backwater tour packages.

What to Pack?

Sunscreen and sunglasses are very important for extremely hot season. This is an essential item if you are visiting Kerala in mid of March to May and planning to spending time in beaches.
Carry cotton outfits and footwear that are appropriate according to both the climate and the activities you have planned to do.

Don’t forget to carry a good camera with you. Kerala has many extremely beautiful places and sights that are perfect to be captured. Hence for a beautiful pictures and memories you should carry camera with you.

Kerala is one of the most expensive places in India to visit but one of the most beautiful places too that worth the cost. One should never miss a chance to visit Kerala and remember the above-mentioned tips when visiting first time in Kerala and contact to a reliable south India tour operator for best Kerala tour packages.


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